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Make the holidays extra special with this super adorable bath and beauty gift set. Comes with 4 mini cupcake soaps and 2 mini cupcake bath bombs. Each cupcake is approximately 3 in. tall and 2 in. wide. Cupcakes will come inside a kraft box tied with red satin ribbon. Let me know at check out of you need a custom tag. Gift set comes with: * 1 Peppermint Cream Cupcake Soap- red soap base, pink frosting, white sprinkles, soap marshmallow, glitter, and paper straw * 1 Salted Caramel Treat Cupcake Soap- orange soap base, brown frosting, sprinkles, caramel sea salt soap, gold glitter * 1 Sugared Macaroon Cupcake Soap-, pink and purple soap base, cream frosting, sugar balls, mint soap macaroon, glitter * 1 Spiced Cranberry Cupcake Soap- green and red soap base, cream frosting, red and green sprinkles, gold glitter soap star, glitter * 1 Sparkling Snowflake Cupcake Bath Bomb- blue base, white frosting, blue soap snowflake, blue glitter * 1 Jeweled Plum Cupcake Bath Bomb- purple base and frosting, sprinkles, gold soap bear, glitter