Like all of our bath bombs, this is a large 5 oz size.

Satsuma Tangerine Bath Bomb
Satsuma Tangerine Bath Bomb
Item# 5003

Product Description

This bomb has a cute pattern of orange and white. This fruity delight will leave skin feeling ultra soft.

Active Ingredients:

Shea Butter- - Used for hundreds of years. High in moisture and great for rejuvenating skin. Natural sunscreen. Heals burns, abrasions, ulcerated skin, stretch marks, and is great for combating dryness

Kaolin Clay- leaves skin smooth and clear as it gently removes any impurities without over drying

Mango Butter- Contains super anti-oxidants . It is very useful to treat many skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, muscle fatigue, frostbite, skin wounds and cracks, and ultra dry skin. This butter is especially useful for aging skin.

Goat Milk- Very soothing and gentle on skin. High in vitamins B, E, C, A, minerals, fatty acids, and lactic acid. Leaves skin ultra conditioned.

Baking Soda- cleans and softens skin

NOTE: Does not contain soap. You will not see bubbles just fizzing.

WARNING: Due to the high butter content in this bath bomb, tub may be slippery after use. Please be careful!