Golden Butterfly Bathbomb cupcake

Golden Butterfly Bathbomb cupcake

Item# 7014
Make your bath extra special with this relaxing and soothing Golden Butterfly bath bomb cupcake. Scented in fragrant notes of lovely mimosas, delicate jasmine petals, and hints of cherry blossom.

Weighs approximately 6.15 oz. Base is pink and is decorated with purple, blue, and green frosting that is topped with dried rose buds, a gold soap butterfly, white sprinkles, and glitter. Individually packaged.

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, Epson salt, powdered sugar, mango butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, meringue, polysorbate 80, cream of tartar, colorant, water, fragrance.

Note: These bath bombs contain no detergents and will not bubble, only fizz.

Remember, these contain oils and/or butters and will be released into the tub water. Tub may become slippery.
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